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Tamarack Lodging Services is the official rental management company of Tamarack Resort and is currently accepting properties into its program. TLS. represents a variety of different properties, including hotel rooms, condos, cottages, chalets, townhomes- even estate homes. We operate out of the front desk at The Lodge at Osprey Meadows, which is a gorgeous facility, located just steps from the resort’s base area and outfitted in the latest in mountain resort design.


Why is choosing TLS the right choice for homeowners in Tamarack? With the resort being owned and operated by the homeowner association it’s imperative that all revenue made on the resort goes towards lowering homeowner assessments. So all the revenue that is generated from TLS, goes back to operating the Resort and lowering your cost! Besides, the majority of the owners that have switched to TLS have seen anywhere from a 15 to 25% increase in their revenue over their previous property management company.


By choosing Tamarack Lodging Services as your rental team, your property will receive greater exposure thanks for our established marketing channels and premium branding, including, where we exclusively feature lodging unit we manage. Your property will also be listed on over 100 travel sites giving you maximum exposure. Some of the big ones are Expedia, Travelocity,, Kayak, Homeaway, VRBO, Vacation, Airbnb, Trip Advisor,, Redawning, etc. We are the only property management company in the area with syncing calendar and rates with these 3rd party vendors, bring us more traffic.


Additionally, TLS gives you the ability to package your property with our amenities and lift tickets, including the Tamarack Passport, which gives lodging guests access to complementary activities in winter and summer, like cruiser bikes, kayaks and more.


Tamarack Lodging Services is also the property managers of the Arling Center, which is our on-site event facility. This charming venue, composed of three buildings, all of which are elegant, quaint, and feature state-of-the-art technology that is perfect for weddings, corporate retreats, and more. As the managers of the Arling Center, we work to keep those wedding parties and conferences on-site, in the units we manage.


We make transferring your property easy and hassle free!


We offer 3 types of management agreements available:




Short Term Rental Agreement: This is a great way to make some additional cash while your not using your home. You can block out the dates you want to use the home for personal use, and we will rent it out for you the rest of the time. The revenue made is a great way to offset the cost of utilities & dues, while making sure the home is attended to you while your away.





Management Only Agreement: This is perfect for owners that don’t want to rent out their unit, but want someone to keep watch of their home while away. The cost is $100 a month for homes & $50 a month for condos. What you get:


  • Weekly security check on your home
    • Check windows & doors
    • Check for frozen/broken pipes
    • Change lightbulbs
    • Flush toilets
    • Check furnace temperature
    • Check for gas leak
    • Includes arrival preparation. Let us know when your coming and we will turn on the porch light, table lamps, and turn up the heat.
    • Includes departure inspection. We will ensure everything is locked and turned off after you leave.
    • If you have small maintenance needs, we can complete them in house for fraction of the price of outside contractors.
    • If you need major repairs, we are happy to ensure contractors have access to the home and keep you updated on their progress.




Long Term Management Agreement: If you are not interested in short term rentals, but want someone to handle managing your long term rental then we can oversee the process for you. We charge a 15% management fee.


The Team


Rachael Ikola – Rachael is the Lodging Manager, and focuses on day-to-day operations of lodging. Rachael can be reached at, 208-325-1148


Brad Larsen – Brad is the General Manager of the resort and will lead the assimilation of properties into Tamarack Lodging Services rental program., 208-325-1020


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Creating a vibrant resort and homeowner value is the foundation of our vision.  We would like to share the plans and invite you to enjoy a successful future with us.  Brad Larsen is ready and keen to speak with you about all the opportunities available., 208-325-1020


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