Discounted Group Lodging

Tamarack Resort Loves Group Business! Here is how it works; if you have a group that is booking more than 4 units we will offer you a discounted group rate. The discount given is determined by the dates you are looking for and the demand for lodging that weekend. Weekday groups and non-peak dates will receive a higher discount than those looking at Holiday or Peak weekends. The number of lodging units needed for the group will also determine the amount of a discount.


We offer 2 types of room blocks:


Individual Paid Blocks – Blocks of Rooms that are paid for by the individuals and you don’t know the exact number of rooms that will be booked. This is typical for Weddings, Family Reunions, or Conferences. We will set aside a number of units based on a percentage of guests invited, guests will book online or by calling in using a discounted code. 30 days prior to the date of the event, we will drop the block and release the un-booked rooms back into inventory for the public to book. At this time the discount is expired for additional bookings. It’s up to the group leader to monitor their block to see if additional units need added or taken away from their block. Contracted group rates require a signed lodging contract.



Master Account Blocks – Blocks of Rooms that are to be paid for by 1 individual or entity. A guarantee of a certain number of rooms & room types with all the cost going to one master bill. We will collect a 50% deposit at the time of booking and the final payment & room list is due 30 days prior to event. Recreation, Meals, & Conference space can be added to master account.




Events that encompass event center rentals will receive first priority for room blocks.  Rooms allocated to a block are based on availability.  Before inquiring about a potential room block, please have the following information available.

      • Type of Event
      • Estimated Number of Attendees
      • 2 different dates of interest
      • Types of units you want
      • Number of beds needed
        • Is your guests a bunch of couples coming that can share a bed or individuals that need their own bedroom?
        • Can you count a sleeper sofa as a bed for a guest or couple?
        • Can families share a large home?
      • By narrowing down the number of units needed will give you higher savings and making it cheaper for your guests.
      • We only have 15 Hotel Rooms that we can use as 1 person per unit, the majority of our units are 2-4 bedroom units.


Once you have the answer to the questions above, please contact us at